Why my seller account is suspended? Please refer to this video, to know why you might have been penalized. How can I reactivate my seller account? To get reinstated back on Lelfan.net, you have to update us with a clear Plan Of Action (POA) on how will you ensure that the buyer experience is not impacted and improve your performance. You can submit your Plan Of Action (POA) by sending an email to: Egypt Sellers: contact@lelfan.net Payments How do I get paid? Login to your account and click “Withdrawal” on the left navigation under “Vendor account”. Choose the payment method you wish to withdraw your money through. Submit the amount you wish to withdraw, and it will be credited to the account you have registered with your Lelfan.net seller account. Please ensure that you add accurate payment method withdrawal information to ensure that no issues will occur. To know how to set a payment method with Lelfan.net please contact us before attempting to withdraw any amount. When do I get paid? After the purchase of your item, an interval of 40 days must pass before you can withdraw your money, to ensure safe delivery to anywhere in the world, ensure customer satisfaction, and make sure international payments are fulfilled through different banks and/or credit systems Once you have specified the withdrawal, this amount will then be transferred to you via the payment method you choose. Returns How does return work? To return any purchased product, the buyer must contact Lelfan.net and request for return. What is the Lelfan.net return policy? Any customer who has bought from Souq.com is covered under a “No Questions Asked, 15 days Buyer’s Protection”. As per this policy, the buyers can return the product back to the seller within three days of receipt. Feedback How can I view my Rating and Feedback information? In the "Vendor Account" section of your account, click on the "visit store" at the top of the left side panel, this will take you to your store where you can view all your listed products, click on a product to open the product page and view its rating and feedback information. Disputes How does Lelfan.net handle Seller Partner / Buyer disputes? Any dispute is handled through an administration team that contacts both sides. How do I resolve complaints and close disputes? All the complaints for the products sold by you will appear in the “Tickets” or the “Disputes” section under the user panel. Just go through each complaint and take appropriate action to resolve them. NOTE: only Lelfan.net or the Buyer can close a complaint once it has been resolved. Learning How can I learn more about selling on Souq.com? There are various Blog posts and video materials posted on our blog page and Youtube channel to help you learn what you need to start and grow your business on Lelfan.net smoothly and profitably. Questions Who should I contact if I have questions? You can contact us via the contact us page at the bottom of the website or by adding tickets to your user panel.
    What is Lelfan.net? Lelfan.net is a multivendor online market, aimed to take handmade art and crafts made by third-world artists in less privileged countries and make them reach the entire world. What items can I sell on Lelfan.net? You can only sell handmade art and crafts, we don’t allow selling mass-produced or second-hand items. What countries does Lelfan.net operate in? We are open to accepting vendors from all over the world. Can I sell internationally on Lelfan.net? Yes you can Fees How much do I need to pay to list my products on Lelfan.net? Signing in and uploading items is free on Lelfan.net How much do I need to pay in commission fees for products sold on Lelfan.net? Please refer to this video for more information. What will the commission and payment processing fees be if I am selling an item that is EGP 100 or less? The extra fees are always the same percentage for all items on Lelfan.net What is the minimum price of items I can list to sell on Lelfan.net? There is no minimum price. Registration How do I register? Follow this video to register a new account on Lelfan.net I already have an account with Lelfan.net, do I need to register again to sell? Follow this video to know how to change your account to a vendor account and start selling on Lelfan.net
    How do I package my item for shipping? Pack the item securely well using bubble wrap, cardboard box(es), duct tape, foam peanuts, and/or sheets of sponge. The aim is that it doesn’t get damaged during shipping. Remember, the way in which you package your product represents you and will make an impression on the customer and their probability of a future order. Can I put my contact details in the package so that customers can contact me? Sharing of contact information is not permitted and is against Lelfan policy. Shipping How do I arrange to ship my item? Pack your item securely, and wait for the courier to contact you and set the details of picking the item up. How much is shipping? The shipping charges are paid by the customer, but for it to be calculated correctly, please be sure to add the correct weight of the package after packaging. If any issues with the shipping fees arise from the vendor’s inability to include the correct weight of the shipment, the extra shipping fees will be deducted from the vendor. Who pays for shipping? You can determine who will bear the cost of shipping. To attract customers and get more orders, you may want to offer “free shipping” for select items or during certain holidays. In this case, the cost of shipping will be deducted from your withdrawn amount. Otherwise, the customer will be charged for shipping. Note: it is a good idea to keep track of your competition to ensure shipping does not be a deterrence for your offers. What if the specified courier doesn’t show up to pick up the product? In case the courier doesn’t come to pick up the products from your end, contact the admins. What do I do with the shipping policy I receive in my email? Print this document into 3 copies, keep one with you and hand the other two to the courier. The item will not be picked up by the courier if you don’t have this document How can I track my orders from the Lelfan Vendor panel? You can track the orders by clicking on “Track your order” in the confirmed sales order tab. The complete details are mentioned there for your review. My Account How can I track my order history? To view your orders, login into your account, navigate to the vendor dashboard, then choose the orders tab.
    Listing What are the most important things to pay attention to if I want to add my products to LELFAN? You need to pay attention to the following points: 1- Your products should be hand-made by you, and not mass-produced or another person’s or entity’s products that you are trying to market. 2- That you are well aware of lelfan.net vision and mission. 3- You can familiarize yourself with the type of items our customers like to buy by going through the website’s catalog. 4- Your product shouldn’t have or hold anything that is offensive, hateful, bigoted, or otherwise would be deemed immoral to exhibit. What to do if I can’t find a category or subcategory that fits what I’m trying to sell? Contact our customer through the Contact us page, or send a ticket with your inquiry from your main dashboard. How to describe items I’m selling/what to write in the description field while adding a product? To best describe the product to the customers, please mention the specifics of the materials used for coverings and linings, types of colors or canvases used, style of manufacturing or drawing, size and dimensions, and weight; and we encourage you to add any backstory that enthused you to make that item. We believe that each handmade art or product holds a piece of its maker within it, don’t be afraid to share that with the customers. How to best choose images for items I’m selling? All your images should be 600x600 to appear in their best quality, for the featured image, choose the most flattering angle, that shows the most desirable side of your item. Other angles can be added to the gallery of the item while adding its details. Can my new item get rejected by the administration? Yes, lelfan.net administration has the right to reject and remove any item that doesn’t fall within, the website’s main vision. if you believe your item belongs on lelfan.net, please send the administration a dispute from your main dashboard Can I add an item that I can make if ordered? Yes, you can. Even though we encourage our artists to have their items in stock to be ready to be shipped whenever they are ordered, we know that some items can be expensive to make and hold on to till they are manufactured. So if you have an item that will still need time to be made, add the number of days in the estimated shipping days field while adding the item, and mention it also in the product description field. Which language can I enter my item details in? You can list your item in both English and Arabic. Can I add a large-sized item? Yes, but you need to categorize its size correctly during adding its details. How many products can I have in my store? A basic subscription can add up to 100 products. What to do if I have too many items to add one by one? You can add multiple items at once by using the CSV you can get from the “Bulk upload” tab in your vendor dashboard What do I do if I don't know how to take pictures of my item? In this case, please contact the administration or Arkan Culture Center Bulk Listing What is the bulk upload tool in my vendor dashboard? This is a method to add multiple items at once to your store, follow the tutorial to know how to use it efficiently. Why do I get the message that a product is a duplicate? This means that the product code was used before, change and upload again. Offers How do I know how much to price my items for to be competitive on Souq.com? Login to your account and click manage your listing”; then select “Live on Site”. Look at the section where the product price is shown. If a caution icon “ ” displays there, it would mean that the price of your item is higher than other Sellers selling the same item. NOTE: Just click on the caution icon “ ” to see the lowest selling price Sellers of that product. Maintaining competitive pricing and product availability are two of the MOST essential areas to ensure that you update on a frequent AND timely basis. Online Buyers are savvy Shoppers who look for the best deals and do not like to wait. How can I add a warranty to my listing? You can mention any warranty information associated with the product in the “keynotes” of the “offer” while you are uploading. Remember to specify who is providing the warranty and the duration. The minimum warranty that may be stated is for three months. Eg: 6 Month seller warranty or 2 year Axiom warranty What other ways to optimize my listing? The seller can also open a store on Souq.com and sell different categories of items through their store. Your store comes with a dedicated URL and gives you the option to put your brand logo to give an identity to your store. Your store will be a single window from where the Customers can see and buy all items listed by you. How do I remove my listing temporarily? You can remove the items temporarily by logging in to the account and clicking “Live on Site” under the “Manage your listing” tab on the left. Orders How do I know when I get an order? How do I confirm an order? How to cancel an order? When should I confirm an order? You should only confirm an order once you have the item ready to be shipped. Once confirmed the order cannot be canceled.